Radiation Monitor Calibration and Repair

Product Compliant Equipment

To ensure your radiation monitoring equipment is working at its best, it must be tested, calibrated and thoroughly examined periodically. 

The Ionising Radiation Regulations 2017 requires employers to use suitable instruments for the detection and measurement of ionising radiations. These same regulations also require that monitors are maintained and tested at suitable intervals, usually to the specifications set by the manufacturer, with calibrations performed annually. Note - some monitors may also require ATEX conformity tests.

Product detail

ARPS provides competitively priced monitor management services to ensure that your monitors receive full testing and servicing in line with manufacturers / suppliers recommendations and national legislation.  

Monitors will be calibrated in accordance with National Good Practice Guidance, using sources traceable to the National and Reference Source Standards.

We can arrange collection and return of monitors from your site(s); and supply full calibration and testing certification.

If your monitors are not working. ARPS will provide a fully costed report of the repairs required, and the likely timescale. Where repairs are uneconomical, advice will be provided on safe disposal and suitable replacements. 

Key Services offered:

  • Management of monitors at your site(s), including -
    • Notification when calibrations are due
    • ‘Assess and Clean’ service on receipt
    • Hire monitors available during the calibration period
  • Fast turnaround
  • Repairs
  • Replacement monitors for purchase - new and pre-owned

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