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Radiation contamination monitors, also often referred to as meters, are used for the identification of contamination of radiological material. Monitors used for contamination monitoring will commonly use either GM based probes or Scintillation probes. Each type of probe will be able to identify different ionising radiation (Alpha, Beta and/or Gamma).  Contamination monitors will typically provide reading in counts per second or counts per minute.

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What is a dose rate Monitor?


A radiation dose rate monitor is a device that measures dose uptake of external ionising radiation. Some dose rate monitors will display the rate at which dose uptake of external ionising radiation. The dose rate will comenlay be displayed with a unit of Micro curie (however some may use other units for dose rates). Some dose rate monitors also have the ability to take the Dose over the period of time the unit is switched on. The common units supplied to this are in Microcurie (however some may use other units for dose). Dose rate monitors may have supplemental features like being ATEX accredited to use in explosive environments.

What ARPS provide? 


In radiation protection having the correct monitoring instrument is key. To support this need we provide radiation monitor management and hire services, carrying a range of monitoring options.

We offer a range of both Contamination and Dose rate monitor options using monitors from reputable manufacturers. We also offer for both contamination and Dose rate monitors ATEX accredited equipment rated down to Zone 0 for explosive environments (Particularly important for oil and gas activities). 

If you need any assistance in the selection of equipment please get in contact with us and we shall be able to assist with available options. 

ARPS supply hires both Domestically onshore and offshore locations, through freight forwarding on offshore locations.

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