1 day course

Course name Transport Training - Radioactive Material (Offshore) by Sea Training

  • Delivered: In person 👥
  • Duration: 1 day
  • Qualification: Certificate of Competence

Course Duration: 5 hours

* Delegates must be trained and competent to act as shippers of Dangerous Goods using the latest IMDG Code.

Please contact ARPS if a full description of course content is required.

Course Syllabus

Transportation by Sea
This course will provide individuals, already involved with shipping Dangerous Goods by Sea in the Oil and Gas Industry*, the necessary knowledge and competencies to allow them to prepare and ship a variety of radioactive materials from offshore locations.

Title: Shipping of Excepted Packages (UN2910 + UN2911), LSA-I (UN2912) and Surface Contaminated Objects (UN2913) by Sea

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Good content on Class 7. Helpful course, thanks trainers.
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