Manufacturing and Industrial Sector

Adding Value Whilst Mitigating Risk

In 2023, UK manufacturing industries are expected to shrink by -3.2%. Industry experts caution against policymakers accepting this as the new normal. While the government is slow to develop a comprehensive industrial strategy, manufacturers must continue to enhance their assets, reduce risks, and comply with regulations.

We have extensive experience working in this sector, where we often encounter significant risks not present in other industries, such as moving machinery, labs, chemicals, pipelines, and 24/7 operation. Health and safety is a top priority for our clients, particularly on COMAH sites. Demonstrating technical proficiency, thorough safety training, and detailed risk assessments and method statements are crucial to delivering exceptional service.

Our team is focused on mitigating radioactive risk, managing the process of identification, maintenance and remediation of radiological substances hazardous to health.

Manufacturing and Industrial Sector Services

Qualifications and Assurance

Founded in 2001 and acquired by  Lucion in December 2021, Lucion in December 2021, we offer a complete radiation protection service to various sectors, with a specific focus on offshore, energy, and power. Our in-house team possesses all the necessary experience, competency and expertise required to deliver our radiation advisory services. We do not rely on sub-contractors, enabling us to control resource allocation and ensure that we meet client-led requirements, timeframes, and quality standards.

We hold ISO 9001, ISO 45001 and ISO 14001 certifications for our quality and health, safety and environment management systems. This certification is evidence that our company operations, including training, equipment calibration, and document control, comply with recognized UK standards. Our awarding body, BSI, regularly visits our offices to ensure that we meet the certification requirements and criteria. These certifications apply directly to the services we provide, including radiation protection, radioactive waste advisory services, and radiological training services. 

We understand that every client is unique. Our team produces bespoke radiological assessment reports and other report types tailored to the specific project requirements. These reports include the work details, assessment results, who completed the work, and other relevant information. Peer assessment and review are integral to our ISO 9001 quality management system, where an equally qualified and competent Radiation Protection Adviser (RPA) or Radioactive Waste Adviser (RWA) checks reports for technical accuracy, compliance with guidance, and consistency before authorizing delivery to the client.

View our extensive list our accreditations, memberships and awards here: Our Qualifications.

Environmentally Concious Supplier

We belong to the Lucion Group, a purpose-driven company focused on protecting people from hazardous environments and preserving the environment from the negative impacts of human activity. Our group of companies helps clients across 12 key sectors worldwide by providing risk mitigation services for sustainable development. Our group is organized into three industry verticals: inspection, assessment, and advisory, which offer testing data analysis and surveys, physical onsite investigations, and consultancy services, respectively.

As a private equity-backed business, we prioritize sustainability and strive to grow while securing our future as a business and for our community. In November 2022, we joined the UN Global Compact, which sets 10 universal principles for good business practice, and committed to providing annual ESG disclosures. We have created roles in key areas to address the challenge of integrating acquired businesses into our culture and values and collecting more data, particularly regarding our fleet and property portfolio. This has enabled us to become a "Beyond Net Zero" business with carbon emissions reduction action plans.

In December 2022, we achieved "beyond carbon neutral" status by offsetting our current carbon production and limiting our production where possible. We aim to offset not only what's leftover but also an additional 50% of the output in 2023. We are expanding our international capabilities through our founding membership in the InogenĀ® Alliance, a global corporation that provides multinational organizations with environmental, health, safety, energy, and sustainability solutions.

The Inogen Alliance, of which we are a part, offers global coverage with over 240 offices and 6,000 consultants partnering to solve environmental, health, safety, and sustainability challenges for diverse markets. The Alliance's global service delivery model is built on delivering seamless, high-quality, consistent, and cost-effective services with local expertise. Our ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 45001 accreditations reflect our commitment to quality, making us the top choice for a safer and more sustainable future.


Innovative Solutions

All project data that we use and create is stored on a cloud based system provided by Atos, meaning access is controlled by secure login and no information is stored locally on network drives. We do not use hard copy documents and servers are off-site, provided by Atos. Using a cloud based system means that we can access documents and folders from any location and any device, and that our data is secure and protected from data loss or corruption. Atos holds ISO 27001 accreditation for Information Security Management, demonstrating that our data is stored securely, with leading protection in line with best practice for protection against viruses, corruption and data loss. 

We hold Cyber Essentials Plus certification as a demonstration that we are protected against the most common cyber attacks. 

We provide all services using in-house full time employed staff and do not utilise sub-contracted services, meaning we can better control quality outputs on the framework.